Based on (Spirit Inside): The 7 Dimensions Technique & 5 Elements (with Emotions)

Preparation Nines:

  • Bounce 1 min. (Hands down, hands up, back down; turning side-to-side)
  • Tap stomach meridian (below eyes) 9x
  • Tap bladder points (inner eyebrows) 9x
  • Cup base of head 9x
  • Rub C7 (bump on base of neck) 9x
  • Clap hands, elbow insides, & armpits 9x each
  • Tap Tailbone 9 seconds
  • Pound Hips 9 seconds
  • Cup knees (front, back, sides) 9x each
  • Focus on Lower Dantian 10 seconds.
  • Make a prayer; ask God/Master to send energy to you, balancing specific blockage (1 min.)
  • Say the Password.
  • Visualize column of light in your torso.

1) Beginning of Life  Moving of Yin & Yang (LIVER – HAPPINESS) Everything starts from ‘YES.’

2) Breathing of the Universe (HEART-JOY) Inhale & bend knees, exhale & straighten 7-10 sec./breath

3) Connect Heaven & Earth – (TRIPLE HEATER – PEACE in spirit/GROUNDEDNESS in heart) Raise energy ‘beach ball’ as high as you can, for 5 minutes ~ Inhale & bend knees, exhale & straighten.

4) Contentment – Hands in Heart Posture – enough pressure to hold paper.  (LUNGS – CONTENTMENT) Step right foot out 1/2 a step. Inhale & move 70% of weight to left leg, Pause 3 sec., Exhale & Move 70% of weight to right leg.  Repeat slowly, feeling so contented, so satisfied.

5) Prayer Hands Bowing (KIDNEYS – THANKFULNESS) Focus on your lower dantian. Inhale & bow 15-35°, and then exhale & straighten, slowly.

GOOD, BETTER, BESTAlways smile & FEEL IT; how good you feel, how very happy, joyful, peaceful, contented, and grateful you are. Do each movement 5+ minutes. Gentle activity gently massages qi more deeply. These movements take 30 days to ‘cement in your system’ – much faster than the 100 days for the original active exercises. The new movements are simpler and deeper, to activate and cultivate qi, for more benefit in less time. Each one is good for the entire body.  It is okay to simply pick one. Note: Aging starts in the legs. 50% muscles & nerves are in legs; strengthen legs to reverse aging.

Simplified Harvesting:  Rub hands, massage face 9x, comb scalp, cup top of head 9x, cup base of head, massage C7, massage ears w/tug, cup arms, torso, and sides. Massage stomach, cup kidneys, massage kidneys 2 ways, hold kidneys, dolphin neck & spine.  Tap tailbone & hips. Cup knees 4 ways. 9 Heel drops.