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You Are It All, Already

You are already whole, already complete.  You are not going to get it all, you are it all already!  Give this some serious personal consideration. If you are not enjoying your life right now, with what you have accumulated, with your current state of health, and in your present job and relationships, you will not appreciate and enjoy new or different life conditions.  Our ability to enjoy life comes from how we choose to process life, rather than from externals.  Nothing outside of ourselves has the power to bestow happiness and fulfillment on us.  What determines the quality of our life is our choice to be fulfilled or not, based upon how we think, how we view ourselves and our place in the universe.  Consequently, if you are a person who needs more to feel complete, then you will still feel incomplete when you have acquired more.

Thinking in terms of the abundance principle means believing an inner dialogue: “I love who I am and what I have attracted to myself up until now.  I do not need another thing or even one tiny change to be happy or complete.  I know in my heart that I am not going to get it all, but that I truly am it all already.  The universe is endless, I am the universe, and therefore I am without boundaries.”