SFQ Level One

Learn how to use the power of your breathing, your mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Eastern practice which promotes holistic healing. It has been simplified and made available...

Spring Forest Qigong Level One Workshop

Join us in Sauk Centre on Sunday, October 22nd! Would you like to have more energy? Do you wish to breathe easier? Do you want to feel better and heal faster? Can You Qigong?  Yes You Can! Learn how to use the power of your breathing, your mind and simple movements to...

Art of Bliss Guest Reflections

The sold out Art of Bliss retreat was an amazing experience!  The perfect gathering of beautiful, powerful women, co-created an incredibly rich, multi-faceted healing weekend. The high caliber and profound spirits of these wise, open-hearted women was awe-inspiring!...

Connecting to Your Inner Healer

Connect with, activate and strengthen your relationship to your powerful Inner Healer. Embark on a journey learning to use qigong and other powerful concepts and tools which can be applied as challenges arise throughout life. Positively healing, this training will help you to balance your energy, release pain, tension, fear, old ‘wounding’ and other blockages while improving focus, mood, oxygenation, vitality, performance, relationships, relaxation and sleep!

Art of Bliss Extended Weekend Women’s Retreat

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Join us for the ART OF BLISS extended weekend women’s retreat, which will empower you to learn and develop ancient and modern holistic wellness practices, effective life skills, and sacred healing to create more authenticity, vibrancy, and bliss in your life.

Create Confident Communication

Speaking is a powerful avenue of expression. It’s how we connect our thoughts, feelings, and values to the outside world. Through speaking we have the opportunity to communicate to the world what we are all about.