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When things commonly perceived as ‘bad’ or unfortunate occur, one might say: “That’s too bad.’, or ‘How awful.” What if we could sincerely say: “Actually, I’m grateful. So many gifts and opportunities come with these challenges.” Well, there’s a way. I call it Silver Lining Mining.

Almost everyone has heard of the silver lining on every cloud. Most of us imagine that the rest of the cloud is bad, wrong, or unfortunate. I would suggest that everything is truly happening FOR us rather than TO us. Every actual cloud gathers due to water vapors rising, a well-known, inevitable phenomenon. Every cloud has invisible, natural forces acting upon it. When all is said and done, we all need clouds and their actions to survive. 

In addition to looking for silver linings – the many possible subtle or magnificent gifts and opportunities magically wrapped in every challenge, accident, and time(s) we don’t ‘get what we thought we wanted’ – we can also look at the situations themselves as valuable.

There is a well-known saying: That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. There is a lot of evidence to support it. We must have resistance against our muscles and challenges in our lives to grow and learn. Have you ever had someone say: “You’ll never do that; you won’t succeed.”, and then proved them wrong? Their lack of confidence in you (or your project) is the resistance you pushed against as you chose to strive and succeed. All of life is our teacher. People and situations in our lives always help us discern what we want – and what we don’t. There is beauty in, and power gained as we take steps, moving toward people, places, and things we believe are the best for us.

One option we have as we navigate life is to choose not to wait for the so-called cloud or its lining! Skip right past that concept and graduate into a ‘What’s right?’ mindset, especially when things in life seem hard, bad, or wrong. Look around and within you for ‘What’s right, right now?’ Choose to identify and harvest value from every aspect of your situation, including your mind, body, spirit, and their place – right now – for what is in fact good, great, beautiful, promising, generous, sweet, uplifting, heart-opening, working well, or playing wonderfully – even perfectly. Don’t take your precious breaths or your steps forward for granted! With practice, you may soon find yourself in the middle of something others feel bad about, and you won’t feel bad at all. Would you have consciously chosen it? Perhaps not. Yet you can sincerely say: ‘I don’t mind. I harvest value from every experience.’ When you can see and feel the gifts within challenges, nothing and no one needs to be ‘made wrong’ by your judgment. You can simply flow into right action, gratitude, and presence with more strength and greater love.

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