Wonder Horse Healing with Spring Forest Qigong

Wonder Horse Healing and Instruction are powerfully informed by a foundation of Spring Forest Qigong principles – with the simple yet profound understanding that everything in the universe is energy. Many people think of energy in a very limited way. They think of energy as being electricity or the gasoline that powers their car. Electricity and gasoline are indeed forms of energy, but every thing in the universe is also a form of energy.

More than 5,000 years ago, Chinese scholars studying the workings of the universe first discovered and established the Eastern scientific principle that everything is energy. Qigong began and remains a science–the study of how the universe works at its most basic, energetic level.

In the early 20th Century, a brilliant young physicist named Albert Einstein came to the same conclusion. Einstein established the Western, scientific principle that everything in the universe is based on dynamic relationships of energy. Again, everything is energy. As Einstein also recognized, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but energy can be transformed.

The goal of Spring Forest Qigong is to help bring health and wellness to many people across the globe, and fulfill founder, Master Chunyi Lin’s vision of a healer in every home, and a world without pain and suffering.  For over 20 years of sharing these powerful healing techniques, Master Lin and instructors around the world remind students and clients that we have a choice whether to transform our energy for better or worse.

Spring Forest Qigong Certified Master Healer and Instructor Rhonda Battisto founded Wonder Horse, LLC in 2011 to live in alignment with her calling as a healer and heed her soul whispers, to:  ‘Enrich every environment, whatever that means and whatever it takes – always enrich it.’

“I’m convinced that we will see important evidence that [Qigong] is a strong and critical alternative or complementary therapy for humans in the maintenance of health and even in the stabilization of disease.”
Neil Kay, M.D.

Prof. of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

Rhonda Battisto