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Receiving Goodness by Master Healer Rhonda Battisto

I have had many discussions with female friends, family members, and clients with a recurring theme: worthiness. Questions arise, like: “Why do I sabotage myself?”, “Why don’t I take time to care for myself better?”, “Why do I stop short of the success I desire and work so hard to achieve?”, and “Why am I settling for a friendship, roommate, partner, or spouse that doesn’t nourish me – that isn’t respectful, mature, responsible, and mutually uplifting?”. Even with adequate food, shelter, health, health care, intelligence, resources, and capabilities many of us fail to succeed in reaching our goals. Despite great skills, gifts, and even advantages many people fail to thrive in at least one vital area of life.

 I am not the first one to figure out that often it comes down to the matter of worthiness – one’s perception of self-worth. Because of messages we received in our formative years, we may have unconsciously held beliefs – usually from repeated interactions with a parent, teacher, sibling, or another key person of influence – that we are not good enough and don’t deserve the best of the best for ourselves and our lives.

So, what is the antidote to unconscious beliefs that do not serve us? Bringing them to the light of our consciousness (with kind, gentle, observation) and choosing to change
them with the power of the heart and the help of the mind. It sounds simple yet may not always be easy.

In a Qigong for Women’s Health workshop, a student revealed that she once envied people with power. She no longer does because she has her own! One day, she simply realized, “I want that!” and proceeded to cultivate and claim her own. She may have had power all along but was conditioned to ‘stay small’. Now, she is growing in her practice, shining her goodness into the world, and enjoying the freedom to heal, shine, and build wisdom. Qigong classes support us as we embrace the freedom to
transform energy from good, to better, to best!

Is qigong good for you? Yes! And, when we practice – even if it feels awkward at first – something shifts in the heart and mind. This, eventually, involves the realization that we each and all deserve to be balanced and healed, peaceful and safe. Qigong healing – and worthiness – are inside jobs. Along the way, it is wonderful to learn that we had more power all along than we realized, to use for so much good! It is a richer experience when we practice in a caring, supportive community.

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