Hello and Happy Spring!

     I am pleased to be in touch with you and Positively Healing today! I hope you are thriving as you embrace life and navigate challenges. There are ample challenges to learn and grow from, right? I am inspired by this adventure and so grateful for life in our dynamic, spirit-filled healing community. A special shout out to those who have attended (any or many!) Monday morning Qigong for Your Health workshops since January 2016, online since 2020. We have learned and explored so much goodness, trust, and healing together.

     Inspired by you, I am offering an evening healing event starting this month! We will explore ‘hows and whys’ of Positively Healing more deeply. On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 you are invited to a FREE to all healing discussion and group healing meditation to deepen your healing practices (for self and to support others) in a compassionate healing community. Scroll down for details (click on the blue button) and email Rhonda to RSVP. 

     Personally flowing into change, I did what felt like a master class in letting go last fall. I vigorously pared down belongings, moved across town, and sold my home of 35 years. Though arduous and not always fun to achieve, having far fewer belongings in a smaller living space is cozy. Marcus Aurelius is quoted as saying “Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature’s delight.” Wouldn’t it be nice if change was our delight, so we could respect and enjoy life as a river – new in every moment – as we flow into change?     
  • A Positively Healing Evening – April 20th FREE event
  • Interactive Qigong with Wonder Horse: Qigong Healer’s YouTube Channel
  • Article: What’s Right: Transforming the Mindset to Thrive
  • Energy Healing Support: Online. In person. By telephone.
  • Qigong for Your Health class ONLINE every Monday 
  • Have Qi ~ Will Travel! 
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Positively Healing, Always!
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