The sold out Art of Bliss retreat was an amazing experience!  The perfect gathering of beautiful, powerful women, co-created an incredibly rich, multi-faceted healing weekend. The high caliber and profound spirits of these wise, open-hearted women was awe-inspiring!  The sharing and expansion of bliss with authentic presence, courage, play and generosity was a gift to witness and behold!  One of our guests truly appeared ten years younger after a few days with our ‘Bliss Tribe’!  Everyone benefited from the warmth and authenticity shared generously and well.

Activities included morning yoga with Becca, healing qigong, programming around self-acceptance, self-love, dream work, pipe and fire ceremonies, a powerful healing circle and more. We built in plenty of ‘Bliss Time’ for our guests to enjoy just anyway they liked. Rock painting and prayer feathers were created, and Tammy and I offered healing services, too. We were nourished and blessed by our kitchen angels, Kathy and Laurie (a.k.a. Lily), who created and served our menu, exceeding expectations and delighting guests without fail!  A doe with triplets was spotted in the woods and at the water’s edge.  Sweet!  Many of us enjoyed the sun and lake, walks and singing.  There were bonus bliss days for those who wanted to arrive a day early and/or stay an extra evening after our closing circle. More than half of our guests arrived early, and a smaller group was able to stay through Tuesday to enjoy one more bonfire and a bit more ‘R & R’ before heading home.

I learned so much from everyone, received many insights, and such generosity of spirit from every guest!  On my final day at Camp Bliss, I awoke with a clear theme for a new workshop in my mind. While digesting the powerful goodness I had experienced and witnessed, more ideas and inspirations flowed.  Stay tuned for other new workshop details, coming soon!

Art of Bliss Women’s Retreat Guest Comments

Guests comment on the value of their experiences at the August 2017 Art of Bliss Extended Weekend Women’s Retreat.

(The Art of) Bliss retreat is a rich experience that gives women the opportunity to explore and embrace their authentic selves while connecting more to themselves, their Master and others. It is healing, transformative and empowering. This retreat exceeded my wildest hopes and dreams. My intention for healing was fulfilled in a magnificent and powerful way. Not only did I feel complete release and peace, I was surrounded by and showered with love by women, some who only met me a few days ago. how remarkable to be in the midst of such powerful, loving women. Thank you for being the light & love, and providing the opportunity for such healing.

The (Art of) bliss retreat was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I feel blessed, nourished, uplifted and loved for who I am. I’m taking home wonderful tools to keep my cup filled. What an amazing group of women. I love, love, love spending time at Camp Bliss with all of you. The location, the beauty, the nourishing food all adds to the bliss.

More comments about retreat

  • A spiritual woman’s retreat. Open to all beliefs, all
  • Very nice place. Clean. Remote.
  • Opportunity to network and learn with a powerful group of women – the teachers and participants.
  • Exposure to amazing information.
  • Collaboration of women & their higher selves
  • Peaceful, loving, growing, healing experience with amazing, wise women. It is blissful
  • From the moment I got here, I felt I was in the right place. I felt at peace and at home from the very start.
  • Life Changing Gift. I am grateful!
  • A place to love, feel loved, connect with a tribe of wise/powerful women, healing, belonging, acceptance, transformation.
  • Thank you for responding to the call, for all that you are, for loving me and supporting my path as a healer/teacher.
  • Highly transformational.

What guests liked best about Rhonda

  • Engaging power
  • Great information, enthusiastic, funny
  • Spontaneous healer, Intro. to new concepts. Honesty. Openness of her path. Passion, positivity.
  • Outstanding business sense of organization.
  • Everything! Your spontaneous wisdom. Your wisdom + intuitiveness. Your caring + love + knowledge of qigong & healing.
  • Love your (qigong) treatment!
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Energy, insight, generosity, passion, kindness and strength.
  • Her powerful presence + love, desire for each person to grow.
  • Everything! The Healing Circle
  • Expressive, vulnerable, clear, powerful, fierce and soft
  • Teachings. Service acts.
  • Her laugh, the way she shares her wisdom, and her magnificence.