A Contemplative Poem
by Rhonda Battisto

Am I at peace with life and myself?
Am I being, feeling and doing my best
as myself…my values and actions
in my body, life and relationships?

Am I taking seriously my limited time on earth?
My responsibilities, goals and the power I wield,
to be a force for good on my path,
at this most interesting time, for this world?

Am I well, strong and resilient enough,
for this journey, this life, this dream?
For my loved ones, my work and the
challenges I face? Can I carry on? Endure?
Thrive? Am I at Peace?

Do I rest? Can I be still and know…and feel
God, the Universe, great life-force vitality
coursing through me now?

Am I grateful enough for the many gifts,
life itself, to enjoy, learn and grow?
Family, friendship, nourishment, beauty,
animal companions, the grandeur of nature?
Lakes. Streams. Clouds. Sun.
The miracle of existence and magic of living?

Do I shine? Inspire? Uplift?
Am I kind? Patient? Worthy?
Brave? Humble? Generous?
Am I smiling? Sharing? Lively?
Are my words gentle? My thoughts?

Am I at peace now? Will I ever be?
Can I sit or walk with myself in this life,
in peace? If not now, when?
If not yet, how? If not me, who?

Am I at peace?