thistle from a lakeshore

Relax, It's a New Day!

Summer Greetings to You!

Relax, it’s a new day! Each day that we awaken and rise can be a new opportunity to relax into and enjoy all of life – every juicy, messy, amazing, awesome, and challenging detail of it. That’s an awesome gift. Do ‘bad things’ happen? If you don’t harvest the silver linings, lessons, value, and opportunities from events, they sure do. I recommend  – especially if you’re in any unhappy situation – that you literally ‘come to your senses’ by noticing what you see, feel, smell, hear, taste. Cast about for reasons to be grateful along the way by asking yourself: “What is right here?”, “What am I learning?”, or “How can I best relax and enjoy this moment?” Life is brighter when we do!

This year I chose to loosen the grip on scheduling newsletters and simply noticed when I was powerfully inspired to create one – Now! In the interim, I’ve spent ample time being in and greatly inspired by nature. Some of the photos I’ve taken (while dreaming of becoming a nature and wildlife photographer) are featured within. I hope you are finding inspiration everywhere you turn, with generous causes for awe, wonder, and gratitude. 

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Photo by Rhonda Battisto: Bee busily sipping nectar from thistle.

I stopped to snap the thistle from a lakeshore, and within a single moment, the bee photo-bombed me! What a delight!

Columbine Flowers in the Woods

    Photo by Rhonda Battisto: Columbine Flowers in the Woods

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Bee Sipping Sweetly Scented Spring Blossom

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We always have a check-in (which is optional) discussion around the healing theme to fuel our focus, healing intentions, qigong practice deepening, and bringing about profound effects!  Then, gentle healing movements and guided meditation. In this series you will receive a foundation for your consistent qigong self-healing practice with knowledge, experience and growth, guided with enthusiasm and expertise by qigong master healer Rhonda Battisto. A GREAT way to begin each week!

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  • “Thanks, Rhonda. I liked your prompt to feel the warmth in my lower dantian (energy center) and really felt it. I liked the prompts to visualize light in various centers and I could feel it. I liked (moving) through all of the movements.”
  • “Thank you, Rhonda. I love this one! You are such a beautiful light 🙂 I am so grateful for this practice and for you.”   (Comment on Wonder Horse: Qigong Healer YouTube channel)
  • “You inspire me!”

My World in a Water Lily

Here I sit, my head touched by the sun, wearing a yellow top and sporting gloriously bare toes – freedom! I hear the breeze moving branches and leaves of nearby trees and ringing the chime that was recently hung on the shoreline oak. The breeze ruffles the water’s surface, too. Wild rice and lake reeds sway. Bare feet in the lake. Loons call…a favorite song.

Feet buried in the sandy lake bottom, with stem emerging from the water’s surface, a yellow blossom stands high above the water and bobs her head to the rhythm of the lake and the wind…a dance they choreograph beautifully. Snails and swimming fish in the water; dragonflies and birds float and fly. Eagle soars along the shore.

Every day the sun rises. The moon and stars rise in the night sky. The rhythms of life can be seen in their light. Flowers grow, blossom, wither and die. People too are born, grieve changes we experience and eventually die. Along the way, as we witness the cycles of life, we may or may not honor the fullness and infinite creativity of it all. Some – many, I believe – take it all for granted…the loon’s call, a mother’s embrace, a nourishing meal, love received and shared a star-studded sky. Let us truly appreciate the precious gift of life itself – just as it is – from a single blossom or one deep, slow breath to a magnificent sequoia or a spectacularly dynamic life of learning and connection. Our independent, shared, and interdependent experiences can be much greater and far more joyful if we do one simple thing: notice the magnificence of this fleeting experience…aliveness in this one inevitable moment.

Photo by Rhonda Battisto: View From the Lilies

Have Qi ~ Will Travel!

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Bee Sipping Sweetly Scented Spring Blossom

Book Recommendations & Inspiring Quotes


Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn


“You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”   ~ Buddha

“The path is the Guru and the Guru is the path – there is no difference between the two.” ~ Sadhguru

The first person confirmed by Wonder Horse Healing to identify this Minnesota flower wins a prize!

purple flower

Balloon Flower by Rhonda Battisto

Gerbera Daisy by Rhonda Battisto

Gerbera Daisy by Rhonda Battisto