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Ego Judges, Measures, and Compares: Everything’s ‘Fucked’ – everything is the best or worst.
So are you. So am I. It’s important to measure, compare, judge, and punish or reward!

Spirit Nudges and Inspires (like a river – like nature): Everything is in flow all the time, and
always was. Life, living, blossoming, decaying, dying, and going back to the elements.
Everything will always be in flow. You are a part of it all. Recognize this to be enlivened and
inspired by it. Shift your part of nature (self/surroundings) as it feels right to – and true for you! Spirit is a river you can put your toe in, wade in, swim in, and even live in as you gain familiarity, comfort, and joy within.

Ego judges us as too much or too little: too fat/thin, too old/young, too smart/dumb, too
slow/fast, too lazy/busy. The list is endless! We got these messages from family members,
teachers, friends, counselors, and media throughout our lives. There are SO many messages (many people call these messages ‘old tapes’) running through our conscious and subconscious minds that it’s a wonder we ever smile.

Riding the see-saw between ego and Spirit, we may waffle between the ego messages of
hopelessness – never having or being enough, or a good measure of feeling enoughness – and
Spirit’s boundlessness (BEING present, in flow, inspired, and infused with so much life-
nourishing and balancing energy that fears and boundaries – otherness – disappear in the flow
of natural, perfect connection to all that is, was, and ever will be, in This. One. Inevitable.
Present. Moment.

Through connection with Spirit, ego releases its abusive grip on the mind. The body comes
alive. Our senses pick up an expansive awareness of dynamic enlivenment. Fears and
judgments cease as the mind rests and a perfect peace beyond all explanation flows in and
through us. We are no longer judging or judges as better/worse, victim/victor, right/wrong, or
worthy/unworthy. We simply, beautifully exist. A feeling of “I Am” may infuse this state, and no
words need to follow. I Am.

From time spent in this flow – which only requires sitting still awhile, aware that you are here, now, present to your breath – one gains better clarity to discern what is truly important: that we each, just as we are in this moment, are a unique and spectacular ‘piece of life’, or ‘droplet of divinity’ in the ocean of existence. A vital, conscious part of all that is.

Things occur to a person in this state, such as: knowing what truly matters; what to do about a
certain challenge or situation in life; what to say to a loved one; what you will and will not abide
in your life; how to best handle a difficult conversation; to lead with love and follow with calm integrity; what do to with long-standing yearnings; how to create the life you’ll most enjoy; how to forgive; that we can learn from one another no matter how different we are; that we each, no matter what we did or didn’t do, deserve our own compassion, love, and kindness; that second chances are available (and fifth, and 100 th !); that we can do very well without winning or doing harm to ourselves or others (even for juicy outcomes, rewards, or prizes); that life is truly beautiful and worthwhile – and so are we.

Overindulgence and overconsumption feel, temporarily, like a juicy outcome right away, and then there’s the blowback of undesirable consequences aplenty. Instant gratification
(unhealthy foods or quantities of food, shopping), distraction and self-numbing (binge-watching TV, gambling), and self-medication (drug & alcohol consumption) are quick fixes that actually fix nothing. It is important to understand that cravings are just that – temporary impulses to move away from discomfort or avoid feeling what you are feeling. Discernment between a temporary
impulse (craving) and true desire (something you truly want, along with all consequences that
come with it) is a vital skill to build.