Hey, have you noticed? You cannot ever take the same breath twice or put your toes in the same water in a river: what is past is past. Air, river, and moments flow and change constantly. We can recall and learn from – yet never relive the past – not a dance, day, or a decade. Are you nurturing a relationship to yourself and your life, now? Why save your deepest awareness or best efforts for later?

Consider 24 hours as one year; a full cycle of time. A celebration for every day is as valid as for the birth of each new year. Each spectacular sunrise, seen or unseen, is worthy of celebration. This is especially poignant if you remember that none of us is guaranteed another: that each day is precious and unique.

Why save our appreciation and celebration until the eve of a new year, when the world needs our higher vibration now? We enjoy greater satisfaction and more inspiration if we realize the opportunities each day delivers. We are free to take our breath and lives for granted – or notice that we are unique expressions of life itself, and that each breath, each moment is precious. We are free to appreciate each rotation of the planet as we circle the sun.

Freedom can be scary, yet empowering. Are you living to be liberated, free, or to create more bondage? Do attachments to things, money, or status ever provide the security we crave? Some folks are attached to memories, stories, and souvenirs, as if afraid they won’t make new memories. Others live with a willingness to notice and experience where they are right now. This moment is life. Are you ‘all in’, now? Can you appreciate where and who you are right now? Have you considered the option? I hope so.

As above, so below. We are a consequence of all other life that exists – living nature. Each of us is a microcosm, a small universe in, and containing all the elements of the great universe. I believe we are fortunate to be bits of beauty; consciousness carried; evidence of existence; droplets of divinity; sparks of Spirit. The we hold the breath of life within each day is auspicious. Have you noticed lately?

Can you embrace the nature of life, and evolve? We each have the freedom to consciously decide to live well and change a direction in life that isn’t serving us. Today can be Day One. What is your direction?