I am so grateful to Rhonda for her healing work with me. She helped me move forward with both physical and emotional issues. I had been stuck in a very physical way because I had tendinitis and hypersensitivity in both feet that persisted after 7 months of physical therapy. After her healing I was able to walk more comfortably and join my husband for short hikes in the Canadian Rockies. I had been stuck emotionally having trouble getting started to do programs I know I am meant to do. There had been lots of family stuff that involved the sudden death of my mother, my son’s move out of state which shifted my involvement with three young grandchildren, and an ending of volunteer work I had put my heart into. I know much of my time during the past year was about rebalancing and accepting myself. What I find interesting is that just a few days after Rhonda’s healing I booked a room to teach a new program.
She is a very powerful healer; I could feel the energy that she channeled move through me.   What makes her able to tap into that high vibrational energy is her beautiful heart. It meant so much to me that she listened to me and shared messages and lessons she had been learning. After the healing she spoke to me briefly of a few images she had while doing the healing on me. These images are still helping me open my heart more to myself.
B.B. of Shoreview, MN