Workshops and Healing Support Sessions at Creators Space

Wonderful ways to support your healing journey and creativity!

Creators Space is a creativity center and coffee house providing a wide variety of classes along with the tools, equipment and collaborative space needed to create. It’s a place to think, explore, and create. A place to JUST BEGIN. Creators Cup Coffee House, classes, and great commons areas are available to the public to enjoy.

Qigong for Health

with Master Healer and Teacher Rhonda Battisto every Monday afternoon.

Learn how to use the power of your breathing, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Eastern practice which promotes natural, holistic healing. It has been simplified and made available for modern times! With easy, gentle movements, you can balance your personal energy to reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy better mental focus, strength, resilience and vitality.  You will enjoy a brief lecture on qigong concepts followed by Q&A, healing movements and meditation.  Lecture/theme and meditation will vary from session to session.  Healing Movements will be guided so you can build a FOUNDATION for your consistent qigong practice, increased knowledge and experience in a beautiful setting with a  Positively Healing teacher, Rhonda Battisto!

Healing with Words: Therapeutic Writing Workshop

with Certified Master Healer Rhonda Battisto on Friday afternoons.

An avid writer, Rhonda holds a sacred space as you go within and write with the intention of deep healing. In this 5-week writing workshop, you’ll expand your understanding of and appreciation for your history while building awareness of the great value (of it all). With guided meditation, reflection and writing, each 2.5-hour session invites greater awareness, exploration, positive re-framing, and helps participants shine a light on their many shining gifts. Let’s move from drama – or trauma – to triumph, together! It’s time to have fun, make friends, and open to greater insight, inspiration, and healing. Explore and amplify your well-being…healing with words!

Note:  Students bring his or her own writing paper & pen, (or laptop/tablet/surface), a water bottle, and comfort items (i.e. shawl or blanket).

Energy Healing Sessions

with Certified Master Healer Rhonda Battisto on Wednesday afternoons.

50-minute healing support session includes empowering conversation and qigong healing energy conveyed to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress and to promote optimal healing, relaxation, oxygenation, focus, performance, resilience and vitality.

Appointments available Wednesdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Book a start time for your 50-minute session: 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 Noon

Discounted Individual Session Fee: $99 (regularly $120).

Group Fee: $84 per person.

Contact Rhonda for more information.