This is a testimonial on behalf of Rhonda Battisto attesting to her ability to use Qigong for healing purposes.

I have & do, continue to experience her healing on a regular basis since we are colleagues. She has at times even helped me when I wasn’t aware of it (my back was turned & my attention was elsewhere).  I found out later, from someone else who was watching, that my arthritis pain stopped the minute she started working on me.

In this particular case, I suddenly had very sharp pains in one of my feet. I limped into a nearby cabin to do something there & Rhonda started working on me. I was aware that the pain suddenly stopped, but had no idea she was working on it until told by my sister later on.  (My sister was totally amazed it could work on someone who had no idea that energy work was being done on them.  This happened last summer & I have never experienced severe pain in either foot since.)

She has also helped me with qigong in winter to feel warm when its freezing in the office at work & if I’m having a “bad” arthritis flare up she often eases the pain for me without any prompting from me.

I think she does a great job & hope she can continue practicing as she does great work.

– M. B.
Roseville, MN