Rhonda has been working on my pets and I for many years now using Spring Forest Qigong. She has been a great source of calm and level headedness when my female dogs are whelping puppies. She will work on the mothers while they’re whelping and it relaxes them and frees their minds from the pain and to focus on the matter at hand…. delivering puppies.

Rhonda has also worked on my elderly dogs when they are injured or just not feeling well. It is always with delight when I observe a lighter step in my elders after Rhonda has worked on them. They are more active and definitely less sore or lame. This has greatly benefited their senior years.

Just recently my elder dog JJ was used for a demonstration of techniques used on animals. The next day she acted like a dog half her age (she is 12 years old) and definitely was very happy, animated and active after a night with all the healers. Thanks to all the healers that worked on JJ that night!

When I was fighting an auto immune disease and was on medication that caused me to retain fluid and swell up, Rhonda would come over and work on me and I would release the fluids I was retaining and feel much better and able to resume more activities. It has been an ongoing journey and Rhonda has made it much more bearable with her healing touch.

A special thank you to Rhonda for her dedication and perseverance in learning these techniques to help others.

S. B.
Inver Grove, Minnesota