Rhonda and I have shared many stories of our SFQ and healing experiences. The more I heard, the more curious I became about her healing energy and gifts.

 I began to notice that people would come to her at Guild meetings for healings or an energy boost and would leave looking less burdened or brighter. Knowing a good thing when I see it, I took the opportunity to ask for some help with a really bad sinus headache and generally miserable body ache. Within twenty minutes it was seventy five per cent gone and four hours later all that remained was gratitude. Following that experience there were numerous minor tune ups which eventually led to a discussion of my not sleeping well because of frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. Rhonda told me that she had had some excellent results with two other individuals who were having the same problem and offered to start working on me to alleviate that situation. That was seven months ago and now I rarely make a bathroom run during the night. I also sleep better which may or may not be related to the healing work but is directly related to not spending sleep time in the bathroom.

 I am very grateful to Rhonda and am delighted to recommend her.

Ridgeland, Wisconsin