(Healing Anxiety)

Rhonda Battisto knew my husband through her previous business venture. Her energy is contagious. She accepts people where they are and what they feel they are able to do or not able to do. There is no pressure to be perfect. Love is the message that permeates her work.

When she heard about a serious fall I had which resulted in several broken bones, she offered to come to our house any time, any day, early or late. She didn’t push her services. During her first visit, she took a lot of time to explain in detail and answered all questions and concerns at length. When she “did what she does”, I could feel warmth radiate through the broken areas. Mainly, through her instruction of controlled breathing and mindfulness, a quieting peacefullness suffused the entire room along with my body.  The changed environment calmed my anxiety. She continued her visits until I was no longer housebound and, even now, would return to help me in any way.

I continue to use the breathing technique during the night when I awaken and when I cannot shut off the disturbing “mind-talk” that keeps me from sleep. I am thankful that she chose to enter my life. She is a very special person.


St. Paul, MN