August 12, 2009                                                                 (Healing)

            I am writing this to explain my recent healing experiences with Rhonda Battisto.  In April of this year, I developed a case of the shingles.  It began as a rash which started to hurt after a few days. The pain was very intense and constant for about 2 weeks.  Blisters developed which made sleeping and wearing clothing over the area difficult.  I was also unable to leave the house during this time.  Although my blisters were painful and deep, they healed more quickly than I had anticipated. From the time I received the diagnosis, Rhonda worked on removing blockages and sent energy long distance.  She also asked other qigong friends to send energy.   She was a constant source of support throughout this period for me suggesting complementary methods of treating the symptoms as well as sending long distance healing energy.

            After a couple of weeks, I made my first trip into the public and went to meet Rhonda.  I could feel her healing love energy while we met. I had less pain and the pain stopped after another week or so thanks to long distance healing from Rhonda.  I do attribute this healing to qigong energy as I know of relatives and friends who continued to have pain for months and even longer than a year after their initial development of the shingles.

            Rhonda continued to send long distance healing energy to me while I recovered my stamina and strength from being non-active for the first 2-3 weeks of the shingles. She also would remove blockages and send energy whenever we saw each other. Whenever Rhonda worked on me in person, I could feel energy gently moving through my torso and felt a sense of love and peace.  I wrote in my journal that I finally felt back at full strength on May 25th of this year.  I told Rhonda this and she said that she’d sent me long distance healing energy on May 22nd.  She sent me the added energy that I needed to feel totally back to “normal” again.

            I am aware that Rhonda responds to people in need in many arenas in addition to her many responsibilities with SFQ, work and home.  I feel blessed to have Rhonda as a friend and healer and am thankful for the energy she has shared with me in my healing process.

 D.O. – St. Paul, MN