Just a short recap and thank you for the wonderful healing you did for me.

As you recall I had been troubled with a very stiff and sore neck as well as some pain in my right shoulder.  I was at the point where I was mostly unable to turn my neck and had trouble lifting my right arm above my shoulder.  I had tried working on the neck issue myself with limited success.  I could ease the pain but it would be back in a day.  I also visited two different masseuses for a little massage therapy thinking that they may be able to loosen up the stiff muscles in my neck and shoulder.  No lasting relief there either.

After one of the guild meetings in June we were chatting and I mentioned I was having a bit of trouble clearing the neck and shoulder issues.  You immediately set me down on a chair and said take 3 deep breathes.  I did so and you began to work on the energy blockage in my neck.  I was able to notice the blockage melt away and in less than 5 minutes my neck pain was gone and I was able to turn my head side to side.  I saw you a few days later and you queried as to how my neck was doing.  Well, at that time the stiffness and pain had found its way back.  You once again set me down and again after about 5 minutes all was well again.  You reminded me that after you clear the blockage it is my job to keep things open.  I am happy to report that after more than a month  now, all is well.  My neck pain and stiffness is gone.  If I feel any twinge of pain I remember what you told me and immediately spend a couple minutes clearing out the blockage so that it doesn’t get to a point where I can’t move my neck again.

Thanks again Rhonda, not only for the healing but also for the wonderful instruction and SFQ pointers you have shared with me.

T. S.
Minnesota, USA