Thank you for the call last night.  I went into mediation and then fell into a deep, deep sleep on the couch.  My husband said he could not wake me at 11pm at all.  I woke up at 2:30am went to the bathroom and plopped back on the couch until 6am when I woke.  I felt rested when I woke.  Your reminder about my thoughts being that I am 100% whole was so helpful.  Thank you for that.  During meditation, focusing on the light within, that thought process of knowing that I am healthy and whole, I am one with the Universal Field of all Intelligence helped the light move and grow bigger within me.  It also has helped me today to focus better as well.  I am going to start my 100 days now.  I don’t see any point in waiting.  You are right, I am a priority.  I found it also ironic that today I got an email about The Guild Practice Group, and it’s about sticking to your goals on this Thursday night!  Blessings on your day.