September 13, 2012              (Healing and Intuitive Messages)

During world conference  2012 I  stopped and asked  someone whom I did not know, just knew that she was one of the  Spring Forest Qigong healers “hey can you do healing on me?. As busy as she was she STOPPED and not only she did healing on me lovingly but she also told where my core problem was. It went way back in my childhood, the memories of which were totally forgotten. And she said that’s why I have no self-esteem, I have withdrawn myself from others, which by the way was very true. I even told my 18yr old, whom I have raised by myself, to leave home when she would insult me, verbally say mean things , won’t listen to me . Actually this is when I started to think deeply within me and said  to me that there is something majorly wrong with me, but what?.  I am nice, kind , caring , loving compassionate and I did not understand why every one would insult me without hesitation and I would not defend myself.. I hated everyone because every one who has come into my life have used me, used my home, my knowledge, my skills, my money  and  before leaving would shower me with dad words, curse me, verbally abused me. Friends whom I have helped beyond ones imagination would hang me on me after their need from me was fulfilled. Never invite me or my children for their children’s birthday party, or wedding or Christmas party or any special occasion . But if I did not invite them they would not speak to.

Rhonda’s healing came to me as a miracle from God. Within 2 wks of healing , I started a meditation class. I was able to connect to my masters easily and seek their guidance in starting a 2hr meditation class. I had 3 students in my very first class ever. I have never attended a meditation class so her healing removed ALL the PAST HURT and gave me COURAGE to move forward in life. My 18yr old joined me in my healing and was so excited that she invited her 19yr old friend. And my relationship with her has tremendously improved. When she came home this time she said “Mom I will cook for you for four days” which NO ONE  has ever done or even said to me.

I know that with love in your heart and only good intention to help others would  bring a miraculous healing , Rhonda has both these qualities.. As a result I had a miraculous healing and a QUICK TURN AROUND of  my life.

I am grateful to her and will always remember her and her kindness and her taking time from her very busy schedule to help a totally unknown person.

I wish her success in every task she takes because I know that she will do it with Love and for Love for others.

Love you, Rhonda

K. J.