November 14, 2014

 Hi Rhonda,

 I just want to share the coolest thing that I experienced today.  I’ve been running, and I’ve been running around the lake – all summer – and absolutely loving it.  I was telling people, “You know, I just feel like a kid again, practically.”  One day I was running around the lake just before the snow came and I thought; ‘What does this feel like?’ because I had this wonderful feeling of freedom and running, and loving and enjoying it like I haven’t since I was a kid.  And I thought of the (SFQ) Butterfly Meditation and the visualization of being a child and running and being filled with kindness and love.  I realized that that visualization wasrealized and made real.  Isn’t that amazing?  It is!  It’s…I mean, anyway, so I have a much deeper appreciation.  I’ve always loved the Butterfly Meditation but it’s like it really happened.  I can go for a run and that’s how I feel – I feel the way I feel when I do the Butterfly Meditation; filled with love and kindness and like a child.  I run like the wind now – or a 9 or 10 year old child!  Anyway, I just thought you would enjoy that, and thank you for all of the wonderful support that you gave me in having the practice (group) that would allow something like that manifest itself.  So I hope you’re having a wonderful day.  Take care!


St. Paul, MN