Greetings (Rhonda),

Gracias, thank you, danka, merci! (Regarding the practice group session:) The immediate, beneficial results never cease to amaze me:

~ My body had been harboring a knot in my lower back that was becoming annoying and since I could not stretch it out I was going to go for chiro assistance – well, by the time our meditation together was over last Wednesday, it left in a cloud of smoke and has not returned!

~ For a few weeks I have been awakened during the nite and early morning hours with a griping headache (very unusual for me). Friday morning, by the time I completed the DVD exercises (my 1st time since Wednesday),it released. Again this very early morning, when I was awakened with the headache I did a light energy moving exercise in bed and was able to let it go within a few minutes and return to sleep for a few more hours! AAHHH – how so very lovely and awesome. This returning ‘home’ has been keeping on the verge of gratitude tears.

E.S. of Woodbury, MN 12-13-14