During the month of November I spent 10 days in the St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester MN. A routine procedure to place stents in my ureters, to prevent any blockages because of some abnormal bleeding, caused complications and dehydration that led to renal shut down and admittance to the ER on Nov 7. have completed level one, and have been attending a Qi Gong group led by Rhonda Battiso for some months now and I called her to receive healing energy from her and perhaps healing support from our class members. i had bi-laterai nephrostomy tubes placed to take the pressure off of my kidneys but continued to have bleeding after several days in the hospital and was not getting appreciably better when I called Rhonda. That same night I had trouble breathing and the nursing staff determined that there was no heart or respiratory problem, but rather referred pain from one of the stents that had been placed in the ureters. They gave me pain medication, and the next morning the stents were removed, as the doctors said they felt they had made an error and the stents, rather than helping, were causing more blockages and bleeding.

After calling Rhonda, and the removal of the stents, i improved steadily every day. The bleeding stopped. felt a calm and steady flow of support and energy. Whenever was awakened in the hospital did Qi Gong meditation to go back to sleep, and went to sleep at night mentally doing the relaxation exercises and meditations. Rhonda also sent me several meditations that continued using after coming home. The nephrostomy tubes were removed last Friday and I have had no further complications, bleeding or discomfort. I will be having some systemic intervention to support my kidneys but I feel so grateful for ail of the energy healing have received. J.W.