Eagle #1 ~ A Healing Story by Rhonda Battisto

My story begins with a strange occurrence.  When I awakened on September 7th, I had the full intention and had made significant preparations to drive to Bettendorf, Iowa for the Buddha relics tour (www.maitreyaproject.org) . Oddly though, I awakened to a ‘command’ (deep, powerful ‘knowing’ in my most intuitive aspect of self) to drive north.  I was confused by this, yet I’ve been training for many years to ‘trust what comes’, so I drove north to my family cabin in Northern Minnesota. Consciously, I was very disappointed to miss the relics tour, but felt I was doing the right thing – I just didn’t have any grasp of understanding WHY!I set the intention to live intentionally ‘in the energy of’ the relics – to tap into what I know (from when they stopped in Minneapolis before) to be an exquisitely powerful and high vibration.  I spent a peaceful, enjoyable weekend and continued to be bewildered as to why I ‘needed’ to be exactly where I am.  (That’s perhaps a bigger matter in my life than just this weekend, but that is another story altogether!) On a cloudy Sunday afternoon I headed for home, still wondering why I wasn’t meant to be in Iowa.  Ten minutes into my homebound drive, I came across an incredible scene…

September 8, 2013:  When this mature adult male eagle was first discovered by passersby, he was flopping on the blacktop road with his wings out at his sides. No one that I met knows what he flew into – or what hit him…a passing truck? A cell tower or power line? It will remain a mystery. I came upon the scene him after the eagle had put his head down on the road, exhausted. Good Samaritans Larry Dubbins and Joe S. protected him from traffic with their trucks, and they directed passersby to slow down. Tom Glynn slowed down and was surprised to see me doing healing work on this magnificent bird of prey. He offered his assistance, snapped these photos, and posted them on Facebook very soon thereafter. The eagle became stronger and more alert as I did qigong healing work..slowly raising his head back up, and eventually he began to pay attention to the movements of Larry, Joe and me nearby, as well as passing vehicles. He remained still and calm despite my very close proximity. He then brought his left wing to his side as I worked. He kept swallowing what I assumed was blood, based on the damage evident on his head. When it began drizzling, then raining, I covered him with a bed sheet, so he’d be protected from the elements.  He looked at me sideways when I poised the sheet to cover him. I reassured him that ‘all is well’ and he visibly relaxed and allowed me to carefully lay the sheet upon him. Wow. Eventually, when it seemed that the DNR was not coming despite Larry (or Joe’s) request, Joe put him in Larry’s covered truck bed, and I followed Larry in my car to Garrison, doing healing work the entire time. We drove him to a bait shop to await transfer .

By the time we transferred this gorgeous bird from Larry’s truck bed to a cardboard box (awaiting a Wild and Free Wildlife Rescue representative) he had both of his wings back up under him and he was standing calmly and alertly! This was a fantastic (odd and) encouraging sight! It was also very interesting making the next transfer… I continued the healing energy work as we waited in the bait shop and he remained on his feet.

A DNR conservation officer brought in an immature eagle discovered ‘not flying’ (standing on a rock pile too near people) in Isle, MN. Poisoning was suspected. I helped make that transfer from a dog carrier to a cardboard transport box (which I had labeled ‘Eagle #2’ and added the location found, based on the phone call that came in before the bird). What an amazing opportunity to do energy healing on two bald eagles in one day – at exquisitely close proximity. I was (heck, I am still) in utter awe and reverence. ( I later learned that unfortunately, the immature eagle did not survive.)

By the time the Wild and Free worker arrived, Eagle #1 had been standing calmly and quietly for almost two hours in his carton. I had taken pictures of both boxes and noticed that the only word printed on the entire carton holding Eagle #1 was “KI”. Of all the boxes from the pile which the bait shop worker made his choice, he happened to pick one that only has “KI” printed on it. OMG! I practice Qigong. Qi is the Chinese word for energy and by the way, Ki is the Japanese word for energy. A-Maz-Ing!

Eagle # 1 was transferred to the Raptor Center at the St. Paul U of MN Campus on September 10th. I asked my FB friends to please keep him in their healing thoughts and work (Tom Glynn’s FB post had received many comments).

Bald Eagle rehabI stayed in touch with the Raptor Center clinic during his care.  On September 16th, Greg at the Raptor Center wrote:  “Hello Rhonda  Thank you for your help in getting this bird to us. The eagle was presented to our clinic with a significant amount of internal trauma, hemorrhage in the left eye, and a bruised right elbow. The bruising of the elbow has almost completely resolved and there seems to be no structural damage to the joint. The hemorrhage in the eye, and the internal trauma take longer to resolve. The bird is currently undergoing treatment and supportive care.”

I was not allowed to see him while he was being treated and the flight (rehab) crew worked to exercise him. With my healing community friends, I continued to send distance healing energy.  I was invited to his release, back to the wild. In mid-October I received a call from the Raptor Center, informing me that the now rehabilitated eagle was to be released in just a few hours – as I worked in the Spring Forest Qigong classroom at Northwestern Health Sciences University. After I missed it, a Raptor Center clinician told me that it had been a BEAUTIFUL release at Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings, Minnesota. My disappointment at missing the chance to witness the release is dwarfed by the fact that he is Flyin’ Free and Well Again. WOOO HOOOOO! Life is SOOO GOOD! I asked the Raptor Center why they didn’t release him where I found him. The answer was preceded by a chuckle: “Frankly, he can fly to where you found him faster than we can drive him there.”  Oh. Yes.  I see.  Today I remain amazed, moved, inspired and informed by the spirit of this bird – and even injured – stricken by his bold beauty, majesty and power.  May he be well and fly free for decades to come!