In a deep, beautiful discussion with a dear friend, I realized and was prompted to share the fact that I desire grace. Specifically, I desire grace when I forget an important detail, make a mistake, miss an event or even a promise. This is especially needed since I ‘jump’ multiple times daily at the opportunity to locate and convey information, resources, and opportunities in the community which may inform, inspire and elevate my students, clients, friends, and yes, strangers, too.

More generally, I desire grace in every way, place, situation – and in my movement through life. I ask the Universe for grace and ease, and then I stay open and aware of the grace and ease that is offered to me. We always have a choice, of ‘row, row, rowing our boats gently down the steam’, or creating our own rapids, challenges and ‘crashes’ by fighting the Tao (natural laws and flow of energy in the Universe). So it is time to get clearer than ever within ourselves about what we desire…and then take the steps to access and allow those gifts in. Right action helps. Kindness to and Compassion for self and others helps. Meditation helps. Nature helps. Love and Forgiveness help, too! 

Love is my religion and grace is the path I see before me. Grace is accessed more expeditiously through gifting. When we give others grace (for their path, their uniqueness, their mistakes, etc.) from our hearts, we get back grace in more ways than we can recognize, count, appreciate or express! We live in grace, model for the generations following us and enjoy a ‘secret’ to good living. Choose grace. See grace. Share grace. Appreciate grace. Become grace. Enjoy the blessings and peace of grace at the Deepening Mastery Autumn Retreat