Do you want to know how you’ve really been doing with your self-care?

Look at yourself and see how you feel.  Do you feel exhausted, worn out, and overwhelmed? Do you feel pretty well, but want some fine-tuning of your regimen in order to feel more vitality and optimism about life? Or do you feel satisfied, energetic, vibrantly alive and optimistic about what is possible (and happening) in your life?

Whether you feel one of the ways described above or some other combination of the ‘good, better, and best’, you have an opportunity right now to evaluate, recognize, organize and prioritize your self-care. Here’s why: NO ONE BUT YOU IS IN CHARGE OF THIS. NO ONE. JUST YOU. There are many resources to help you, but you are THE ONE in charge of this MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your life. I have waxed and waned in my self care.  Women especially seem to set aside our own needs in order to care about and care for others in our lives.  Here’s the thing though: when we pour from an empty (energy) cup, we just can’t be as effective, helpful, therapeutic, or awesome to and for others! When we want peace in the world, we begin in our hearts. When we want order in the world, it’s great to begin with our closets, cars, kitchens and yes, purses. When we want more out of life, we first need to give ourselves permission to give ourselves the best care, which includes a lot of whole, natural foods, fresh air and time connecting with nature, move our bodies each day (in enjoyable ways that get the blood flowing, build strength and stamina), and explore one’s inner life.

Meditation, prayer, and being in nature are ways to explore non-dominant mind and heart opening as we develop a relationship with energies greater than our own. What better way to take care of ourselves than to retreat rather than trick-or-treat?!  Let’s do this!

Love and Healing for All,
Rhonda Battisto