“I found the class very enjoyable, very helpful, highly interesting and I learned a lot.  Since it was a small class and we knew each other made it even more special.

Rhonda, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I appreciate your teaching method.  You explain everything in plain language, you demonstrate the movements and you let the students practice.  You watch them and give immediate feedback which is helpful.  No questions were insignificant – you tried to answer them and usually had a personal story that the students could understand why it had to be done in a certain way.

As a teacher, you are giving not only the planned lessons but always much, much more.  You send extra handouts by e-mail; you always find positive warm words of our gatherings.  You suggest reading the material and you encourage practicing more but always: “good, better, best”; no one can feel guilty if one has not practiced enough!! You treat us almost as “family”.  Your caring, your openness, your personal stories all have a wonderful touch of humanity.  Your heart and soul is in the teaching of Chigong and in your whole being! I have felt it throughout our various classes.

I learned a lot and I am in the process to make up a schedule of what I want and can work on. I have to admit, the teaching material you taught was quite a bit to absorb in such a short time.  I would have liked more practice.  But everything is well documented and one can continue to learn on one’s own.

Thank you, Rhonda, for this new experience learning the 2nd level of Chigong in 12 hours with so many techniques of healing others or self-healing practices.  Blessings to you, Marie-Luise”


Regarding Level Two Class for Healing in Spring 2018