It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Rhonda Battisto and the services of Wonder Horse, LLC. I will try to find adequate words to express what a tremendous difference Rhonda has made in my life.  An incredibly gifted teacher and Qigong healer, she is filled with compassion, enthusiasm for helping others, and a gentleness beyond understanding.  She helps, heals, teaches, loves – without any expectation for anything – except perhaps, great healing outcomes for those she helps. Each of my experiences with her have been an epiphany of learning and understanding of myself and what is outside of/beyond me – sense of God, oneness, and unconditional love that is all-encompassing – almost indescribable.

Rhonda is a teacher by nature.  In her individual sessions with me as a healing client, I have been blessed and impressed by Rhonda’s knowledge of anything related to a body’s ability to heal. She always follows through with promised resources, sending links to articles, books, information about natural remedies, alternative options from medication and ways to further my personal healing. I’ve also had her provide training for my corporate staff of nearly 30 people.  She has a keen understanding that people have various levels of knowledge and understanding of her work. She manages to capture their attention very quickly and share powerful tools and tips for self-healing to aid them in their lives, careers and relationships.

I happily recommend Rhonda’s services to those with little or no experience with energy healing, and to experienced energy practitioners. Her guidance of groups of any size is expert. Time with Rhonda is time well spent. Rhonda leads a Spring Forest Qigong practice group at Peace of Mind Daycare in Woodbury.  I cannot begin to express how much a person could benefit from attending this group.  Even if you’ve never had experience with energy work or qigong, you’ll be completely comfortable. Rhonda is a beautiful teacher and leader.  Also, if you’ve achieved the highest levels of qigong leadership, you will STILL obtain deep and meaningful benefit from attending this group. I highly recommend it! There is no fee; free-will donations are accepted.

Rhonda has made a tremendous difference in my life, and I highly recommend that you spend time with her if you have the opportunity to do so.  I guarantee you will not regret that time, and will likely be the next one writing a recommendation to your friends, family and acquaintances, so that they will have the same chance to be transformed by their experiences with Rhonda! Please, if you’d like to discuss/ask questions, learn more about my personal or professional experiences with Rhonda and Wonder Horse LLC, please contact me at any time, at 651-216-0763.

Nikki Robbins

Level 5 Spring Forest Qigong student and teacher, Peace of Mind Daycare owner