I am writing to recommend Master Healer Rhonda Battisto for her teaching skills and healing energy. In her third year of providing Qigong classes for health and self-empowerment to Wellington residents, Rhonda remains enthusiastic and engaging. Rhonda is a prompt professional and masterful teacher, who involves each participant in the direct experience of self-healing. She shares concepts of qigong energy healing, self-empowerment, and effectively answers questions, providing an interactive experience of relaxation and healing for all. Many residents have walked or been wheeled into Qigong class with an area of pain in the head or body which cleared completely during the session.

Our staff and residents love Rhonda’s uplifting presence! Students leave Qigong class with radiant smiles and happy comments, including: “My headache is completely gone!”, “I feel just wonderful!”, and “Rhonda is so calming.” “Qigong makes me feel at peace”. The residents benefit from her classes so much, that we increased her sessions to twice each month this year, and feature ‘Wonder Horse Healing’ in our Fitness Jam and Health Fair events, as well as on the Wellington’s Facebook page. We have also had staff sit in on her classes, and have benefitted from it. We are thinking of having a staff Qigong class as an in-service in our building.

Please consider adding Qigong for health and self-empowerment to your regular offerings. You’ll be glad that you did! Should you wish to discuss Rhonda and her company Wonder Horse, LLC, please feel free to contact me by phone-651-789-8017, or email: jbrenne@stuartco.com.

Jackie Brenne

Recreation Director, The Wellington Senior Living