Happy October To You!

With shorter days and cooler nights, I recall warm summer memories with a smile. Embracing the beauty and purpose of autumn, we can now choose to let go of things that no longer serve us well. What are you willing to let go of in order to make room for things, people and experiences that are even better for your vitality and peace of mind? I am always pleased to hear of people spending more time in nature, and far less time watching news or on social media. This helps to make space for our own thoughts, musings, and inspirations. I’m interested in learning how you are enjoying this shift. Feel free to reply and share!

The change of seasons is an ideal time for stepping self-care up to a new level. Are you open to Positively Healing support for reaching your health and life goals? Let’s schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation!

In recent months I’ve been walking the talk of adventure – finding value in everything as I engage fully in every experience. In this newsletter, you’ll find:

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On a personal retreat last year, I spent a lot of time meditating on the bluffs and rocky shores of Lake Superior. This time with the ‘big water’ (and equine assisted coaching sessions I’ve had in the past) inspired me to weave horses into my life again and my healing practice. After all, like is drawn to like! Sensitive and super-empathic, horses are mighty truth tellers, natural healers and powerful teachers. With this desire in my heart, I was guided to British Columbia where I spent nine days last month roaming 350 acres of grassland with a herd of horses, related to one another. I enjoyed the glory of nature, each horse’s unique personality, long walks each day, and deep learning about herd communication, trust, and horse energy. I discovered an extra special bond with 3-year-old Hyperion (see photo, below). The senior members of the herd were also gorgeous, formidable beings whom I will never forget. It was wonderful to meditate with the herd as mares nursed their young: Moonshadow, 2 months; Ellie, 4 months; and Thor, a yearling.

Spontaneously singing to the herd one day (when I was alone in the barn with them and) they were holding me in a circle of their love was a highlight. They seemed to love my serenade and I loved being in their midst. I learned nuances of herd language while working with a spectacular horse, Miro and a pony named Flower. (To be clear, this retreat did not involve riding horses, as i was about connecting with them in other ways.) Being away from internet and cellular service 98% of my trip was a wonderful experience!

Of course, every adventure involves challenges. I had great challenges during my stay, and a commitment to resilience. This kept me rising again and again to and through the challenges. Sunrise qigong practice on a hill was grounding, inspiring and uplifting. Nature is a powerful healer! Walking in nature for miles every day, photographing the herd and meditating with them were joyful endeavors even on cold, rainy days. I found so much to appreciate along the way, including new friends from the U.S., Canada and Australia. I am a BIG fan of appreciating silver linings even while clouds block the sun!

After returning to the U.S. and all things familiar, I enjoyed teaching and healing at the Crow Wing Crest Resort Relaxation Retreat. We had delightful people and weather there. Phenomenal healing and a relaxed pace was enjoyed in formal sessions, and in community. I began sharing my weekly ‘Life is Better’ campaign on Facebook in late summer. You can also see another photo of me meditating with horses on Facebook, here:

A wonderful group of members and friends of Spirit United Church came out today to hear my presentation ‘Life as an Adventure’. We played with energy and healed ourselves after sharing powerful concepts about how we can uplift ourselves through challenging times. It was a GREAT morning of SPIRIT! I look forward to returning to the beautiful venue: Harriet Alexander Nature Center to share time, smiles, and energy again, soon!

Above: Sharing energy with and serenading the herd in the barn, on one of my last days there.
Below: A tiny yellow flower, standing gloriously alone, captured on my final walk on the land.

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Life is an Adventure

 Life can be a dynamic challenge. It can also be viewed as an exploration or adventure. What if we thought of life as a game show where millions of dollars could be won? You’d give it your all, right?  You’d try hard to do your best and smile as the cameras capture you in action. Of course you may have your people at home – maybe even children – cheering you on as you play. You definitely want to be a good sport as you strive for victory, right? Of course! When we smile, great endorphins are released in the body: serotonin, dopamine, and Oxycontin. They naturally reduce pain and enhance the healing process. Heck, maybe we could choose to smile more often even when no one is looking, just to gain those benefits!

     Like children, your body’s cells, organs, and systems are always aware…watching and listening. They pay attention to our attitude, words, actions and expectations. They try mightily to cooperate with everything we think, say, and do. They respond uniquely when we’re compassionate or cruel (to ourselves or others). They know when we’re overwhelmed, or spent. They know when we have another three minutes, miles, or hours in us…and they want to help! It’s a good idea to help them to help us. Do your best to maintain a positive attitude, with smiles and laughter. (Life is so often really funny!) Raise your chin and expectations, especially when times are tough. Be just as compassionate to every part of your whole self, as you would to a dear friend, small child or injured pet. You deserve compassion, patience, courtesy, love and respect – FIRST. Every day; second chances, new beginnings, fresh starts; self-love. Please love yourself enough to build grace into your schedule – doing that which renews, inspires or uplifts you, and meditate or rest when you’re weary. Love yourself by being kind, gentle, encouraging, and supportive. Because the world needs more love. And love helps everyone and every thing! Don’t wait. Love yourself. Love yourself, NOW.      

Above: Hyperion in foreground with Paschar following nearby.   
Below: The walled tent where I stayed, on ‘Hawk Hill’    

HAVE Qi ~ Will Travel!

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‘Have Qi – Will Travel!’

Inspiring Quotes:

 “Stillness is the highest level of intensity. When there is stillness within you, your body, mind, and energies will be exuberantly intense.”  Sadhguru

“Let your dominant intent be to feel good which means be playful, have fun, laugh often, look for reasons to appreciate and practice the art of appreciation. And as you practice it, the Universe, who has been watching you practice, will give you constant opportunities to express it. So that your life just gets better and better and better.”  Abraham (Law of Attraction)