Photo (above): Female Tiger Swallowtail on Tiger Lily taken by Rhonda Battisto

Happy Summer to You!  

     Mid-summer immerses us with warm breezes, brilliant blooms and opportunities to be outdoors. In my experience, gardening – especially barefoot – is a great way to connect with the earth, get your hands in the dirt, and experience the joys of witnessing growth. My flower gardens have never been so varied, thanks to donations of plants from clients and friends – and ample time for me to tend them this year. 

     Being in water – oceans, rivers, lakes (even a bathtub) creates a sense of being held by and connected to the healing effects of water. I love swimming, floating, sitting or wading in a lake. Water can soothe the nervous system, allowing a release of tension and encouraging slower, deeper breaths. We can simply be. Walking outside in nature is also a powerful antidote to sadness, low spirits or depression.

     The benefits of forest bathing are amazing, too. It has been shown to lower people’s heart rate and blood pressure, and have many positive effects on mood: reduction in hostility, confusion, anxiety and depression. The relaxing effects of forest bathing make it worth the drive if you don’t have a forest nearby. Summer nights are great for enjoying bonfires.

     Fire is mesmerizing and demonstrates transformation in action! I so enjoy building, tending, and gazing at fires. It can be therapeutic to write your worries, fears, concerns or regrets on paper…and then toss them into a fire, as a healing ritual for release and freedom. 

     The other day I saw a gorgeous swallowtail butterfly floating outside my window, alighting on petunias and I was compelled to pursue a photo. It flitted to my lilac and milkweed in the garden,  finally landing on a tiger lily, a few feet from the statue of Quan Yin (goddess of compassion). I feel fortunate to have gotten an open-winged photo. While this image doesn’t do its spectacular beauty justice, it does remind us that life can be truly stunning when we least expect it!

     What are some of your most uplifting summer activities? Please post them on my Facebook page: Wonder Horse: Qigong Healer Please like and comment on the ‘Life is Better with’ campaign, which I was inspired to create last year. Each week there’s a new meme to promote healing and joy for all!

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Healing and Transformation!

Photo (above): Bonfire by the Lake taken by Rhonda Battisto

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Qigong for Your Health
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Qigong For Your Health workshops help you to learn to use the power of your breath, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. This ancient Eastern practice promotes natural, holistic healing. With easy, gentle movements, you can balance your personal energy to reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy greater vitality, mental focus, strength, resilience. (Movements can be done sitting, standing or lying down.)

Enjoy a check-in question, brief lecture on qigong healing theme and concepts, Q&A, gentle healing movements and guided meditation. In this series, you will receive a foundation for your consistent qigong self-healing practice with knowledge, experience and growth, guided with enthusiasm and expertise by qigong master healer Rhonda Battisto. A GREAT way to begin each week!

10:30 a.m. to Noon Every Monday (except Labor Day)

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sunset at the lake

Be Still and Know

Photo (above): Sunset Refection taken by Rhonda Battisto

Sometimes, I feel on top of the world; empowered, vibrantly alive, inspired, creative and joyfully productive. For me, it is a natural extension of feeling great to inspire and support others on their healing journey. When going strong, self-care helps us to stay strong, achieve equanimity, and allows us to be grounded in the goodness of our healing and empowering practices. Self-care helps to build resilience for the times when things are not going as well as we might like.

Like everyone, I have moments of doubt and uncertainty, and wonder if I really have anything worthwhile to share in service to others. An inner critic sometimes asks: “Who do you think you are to teach? There are already amazing gurus and masters out there!” Nevertheless, I do have value to offer and I keep moving forward as I am guided and inspired. Dory – the royal blue tang fish in the film Finding Nemo – said it well: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

So, whatever is happening – however your energy and inspiration are flowing or stagnating, the best course of action is self-care. This may include nourishing environments, foods and beverages or people, time for solitude, reflection or prayer, muisic, journaling (especially on gratitude!), exercise, yoga, qigong, time in nature and with animals.

When we take time to meditate – simply Be Still and Know – we tune into and connect with the vibrant aliveness inside. The fact of our aliveness is worth recognizing and celebrating every day! In stillness we can also tap into the unlimited, unconditional aliveness of the universe itself, which feeds our own exuberance, balance, wisdom, health, and creativity.

Be still, and…
Be still and know that you are loved, worthy and whole!  

In times of letting go – big changes, transitions, uncertainty or unease, time for quiet reflection is an absolute must! It enables us to review, reconsider, re-balance, and re-calibrate. We get to wonder whether we are flexible, open, interesting, and interested…and discover so much about ourselves. Questions to explore are listed below. Use them (copy & paste to a Word document or enjoy the sensual experience of ink on paper) to reflect upon and explore your values, goodness, inner divinity. Adapt them  in any way that makes sense for you and add others that you wish to reflect on.

  • What am I enjoying most right now?
  • What scares me?
  • What excites me?
  • What are my gifts, core values and beliefs?
  • How can I best live into and share them?
  • Who can I help?
  • Who may share my skills, energy, gifts and interests? (Discovering tribe.)
  • Who may wish to help me explore, learn, and enjoy life?
  • What is my ‘Why’? (Why do I live and/or work the way I do? Why do I want change or growth?)
  • What am I being called to be or do?
  • Who needs what I have to offer?
  • How can I best choose to be quieter and create space/time so Divine/universe can guide me with whispers, reminders of what I already knew, and gifts that are always present?
  • How can I be more in trust and flow?
  • What will help me to strengthen myself and become more resilient?
  • What space needs to be cleared for new gifts and abundance to flow in?
  • What am I noticing right now?
  • What is being asked of me?
  • What do I truly value?
  • What do I truly need?  (Include what you do have, and don’t.)
  • What do I have right now? (Whether it is what you want/value/need or not…and notice that.)
  • What am I most grateful for today?

May your explorations be dynamic, revealing and aid you on your healing journey! 

HAVE Qi ~ Will Travel!

Wonder Horse Healing delightedly provides private energy healing support, mentoring and coaching sessions, practice group leadership, classes for family, church, staff and volunteer groups, interactive healing presentations, uplifting keynote addresses, corporate and private instruction at your location or ours!  Enthusiastic holistic healing and self-empowerment in private, public and corporate locations in North America. Compassionate, expert residential and commercial space clearing and organization support. Wonder Horse travels widely to convey healing energy, empowering instruction and healing support for traveling executives and vacationing families.   ‘Have Qi – Will Travel!’     Contact Rhonda

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Book Recommendations & Inspiring Quotes:   


Compass of the Heart: Embodying medicine wheel teachings by Loren Cruden

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


“When there are troubles within us, we must address them head-on. Do not look for distractions – distraction is not a solution.”  ~ Sadhguru

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.”  ~ Audrey Hepburn