A Beautiful Winter to You!

Warm and hearty greetings! Where do you stand on your healing path today? Do you feel strong, confident, confused, or concerned? Wherever you stand is a great place to begin…or begin anew! We are always in process. Hope and progress are always available at every age and stage of our lives. We have more power than we can conceive of, and NOW is a wonderful time to cultivate and wield it! Read more in the article: Winter is a Fine Time and view many healing support offerings, below.
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Healing and Empowerment!

Healing and Empowerment in the Comfort of Home

Virtual Online Video andTelephone Sessions

Enjoy energy healing with empowering conversation to transform tension into triumph, and troubles into thriving, via Zoom meeting (online video meeting) or telephone. Flexible scheduling available to suit your needs. Ideally, clients meditate or rest for a while after the session.

Home Visits

In-person sessions by appointment in Twin Cities area.

(Hand sanitizer, hand washing, and mask precautions are taken)

Sweetheart of a Deal ~ Valentine Special Offer

Purchase One (Phone or Zoom) Healing Support Session at $140/hr. in February 2021 and receive a BONUS GIFT: Be my guest for two (2) Monday classes in 2021 for you or a friend. A $30 value. You gain additional benefit by receiving additional hours of healing energy and inspiration! Attend once and invite a friend, or attend alone twice. Can’t attend Mondays? Gift sessions to a friend or loved one who can. 

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Wonder Horse Healing clients enjoy improved physical and emotional balance, better sleep, less pain, more calm, clarity, confidence, relaxation, resilience, vitality and joy. Rhonda The Wonder Horse is ready to support you and your goals on your path!

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Qigong for Your Health Online

Ongoing Class Series

Qigong For Your Healthworkshops help you to learn to use the power of your breath, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. This ancient Eastern practice promotes natural, holistic healing. With easy, gentle movements, you can balance your personal energy to reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy greater vitality, mental focus, strength, and resilience. (Movements can be done sitting, standing or lying down.)

We always have a check-in (which is optional) discussion around the healing theme to fuel our focus, healing intentions, qigong practice deepening, and bringing about profound effects!  Then, gentle healing movements and guided meditation. In this series you will receive a foundation for your consistent qigong self-healing practice with knowledge, experience and growth, guided with enthusiasm and expertise by qigong master healer Rhonda Battisto. A GREAT way to begin each week!

10:30 a.m. to Noon CST Every Monday

(except Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays)

Zoom Video Meeting  

Tuition: $15.00 per person or 3/$40 paid online:https://www.thewonderhorse.biz/upcoming-events/   
You may prefer to use Zelle, call 651.276.3712 with credit card info. or use PayPal directly.Dress comfortably. No previous experience or special equipment is needed. Each class stands on its own, and regular attendance builds on the goodness of each class! Meeting Access provided upon receipt of payment.  Ensure timely access by making your payment by the Sunday prior to class.Comments from 2021 Wonder Horse Healing students:

  • “She is my greatest teacher and I greatly admire her!”
  • “Thank you for such a great start to the week. I really enjoyed the grounding and healing practice that you share.”
  • “Sweet class yesterday! Thanks”
  • “Thanks, Rhonda. I liked your prompt to feel the warmth in my lower dantian (energy center) and really felt it. I liked the prompts to visualize light in various centers and I could feel it. I liked (moving) through all of the movements.”
  • “Thank you, Rhonda. I love this one! You are such a beautiful light 🙂 I am so grateful for this practice and for you.”   (Comment on Wonder Horse: Qigong Healer YouTube channel)
  • “You inspire me!”
red fox

Winter is a Fine Time

Winter is a fine time to increase self awareness through stillness, rest, meditation, reflection, and journaling. Journal about your memories, dreams and goals. What are your values? What is most important in your life? Are you paying attention? Do you have your top ten values firmly in mind so you can consciously live into them? Ramp up self-care so that you can. Go to bed a little early. Hydrate. Move your body. Gentle stretching, qigong, and yoga movements are so helpful to prevent stiffness and provide better oxygenation and balance in all ways.

Bored? Tired of staring at screens so much of each day? Spend time in nature whenever you can. You’ll be delighted at what you find! Walking around a lake one evening last week, it began to snow and drizzle; I like to call it snizzle. As we finished our walk, my friend looked over and saw a pair of foxes we had heard calling out as we began our walk. What a rewarding bonus for persevering to move our bodies in inclement weather…a gift we won’t soon forget.  (I took photos of the fox pair, so here’s a lone fox image for you to enjoy.)

Who, if anyone, do you miss seeing or communicating with? Reach out with a call, note, or card. There is a sensual aspect to writing with pen and paper, and to reading a card or note from a dear one. 

Who most uplifts, energizes and inspires you? Consider studying them, or, if you know them, contact them and get a healing dose of goodness while supplying a dose of gratitude and wonder.  What helps you to feel most relaxed and ready, open, and creative? Focus there. If a little helps a little, more will likely help more!

Winter is a fine time to take excellent care of yourself, connect with nature, and others as we collectively await the resurgence of spring!

Horse running in snow

Have Qi ~ Will Travel!

Wonder Horse Healing delightedly provides:

  • Private energy healing support, mentoring and coaching sessions, practice group leadership, classes for family, church, staff and volunteer groups, interactive healing presentations, uplifting keynote addresses, corporate training and private instruction at your location or ours! 
  • Enthusiastic holistic healing support and self-empowerment in private and public locations in North America.
  • Compassionate, expert residential and commercial space clearing and organization support.
  • ‘Mobile support’ – travels widely to convey healing energy, empowering instruction and healing support for traveling executives and vacationing families.

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*Book Recommendations * Inspiring Quotes*


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

The I That is We by Richard Moss, M.D.


“You can choose to be a shame-free, guilt-free, and judgment-free zone. When suffering from fear or pain – or even witnessing them – we need an especially generous, patient, unconditional love for our precious selves, our experiences, one another, our journey, and the world.” ~ Master Healer Rhonda Battisto

“If your attention is on all the time, without any kinds of thoughts or judgments, you will naturally become intuitive.” ~ Sadhguru