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Spring is Here!

Birds are singing their spring tunes and the sun feels closer and warmer each week. Even with frosty Minnesota mornings, it is easy to feel the quickening of plant and animal life all around us. Once hidden life is beginning to emerge and grow from the earth. Our growth is also part of the energy of spring, a time of great changes.

As we find how best to stay closer to home, it is a vital time to get outdoors, connect with the earth – our communal home, and enjoy nature when and how we can. (My gardens have never before been prepped in early April!) I saw a pair of muskrats playing recently in a pond. Their habitat and community are limited, yet they play and fully explore the joys of being alive unfettered! It was a perfect vignette. Taking nature’s cues may inspire us to sing (simply because we can) and of course, because it is good for the soul. Finding ways to enjoy and be grateful for what we have, we become less preoccupied with what we may be doing without. 
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Energy Healing BOGO Special

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Enjoy BOGO pricing on energy healing with empowering
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ONLINE Qigong Classes!

Weekly Monday Qigong Class * NOW ONLINE 

Qigong For Your Health workshops help you to learn to use the power of your breath, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. This ancient Eastern practice promotes natural, holistic healing. With easy, gentle movements, you can balance your personal energy to reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy greater vitality, mental focus, strength, resilience. (Movements can be done sitting, standing or lying down.)

Enjoy a brief check-in question, lecture on qigong healing concepts, Q&A, gentle healing movements and guided meditation. In this series, you will receive a foundation for your consistent qigong self-healing practice with knowledge, experience and growth, guided by the enthusiasm and expertise of master healer and teacher, Rhonda Battisto. It is a GREAT way to begin each week!

10:30 am – Noon Every Monday (except Memorial & Labor Day)
ONLINE EVENT via Zoom Video Meeting
Tuition: $10.00 per person (payable by PayPal).

Dress comfortably. No previous experience, special equipment or attire is needed.

Holistic Gateway Healing Center NOTICE:   When social and business restrictions are lifted, in-person classes will resume at our new studio: 11 Little Canada E., Little Canada, MN.  The Holistic Gateway Open House date changed to May 9, 2020 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.  


by Rhonda Battisto

Am I at peace with life and myself?

Am I being, feeling and doing my best 
as myself…my values and actions,
in my body, life and relationships?

Am I taking seriously my limited time on earth?
My responsibilities, goals and the power I wield,
to be a force for good on my path,
at this most interesting time, for this world?

Am I well, strong and resilient enough, 
for this journey, this life, this dream?
For my loved ones, my work and the 
challenges I face? Can I carry on? Endure?
Thrive? Am I at Peace?

Do I rest? Can I be still and know…feel
God, the Universe, great life-force vitality
coursing through me now?

Am I grateful enough for the many gifts, 
life itself, to enjoy, learn and grow?
Family, friendship, nourishment, beauty,
animal companions, the grandeur of nature?
Lakes. Streams. Clouds. Sun.
The miracle of existence and magic of living? 

Do I shine? Inspire? Uplift? 
Am I kind? Patient? Worthy?
Brave? Humble? Generous?
Am I smiling? Sharing? Lively?
Are my words gentle? My thoughts?

Am I at peace now? Will I ever be?
Can I sit or walk with myself in this life, 
in peace? If not now, when? 
If not yet, how? If not me, who?

Am I at peace?

Qigong Basics Workshop Report

Nearly twenty adult learners from three generations gathered on a brisk Sunday in March to learn basic qigong concepts, tools and techniques. The room was full of light for an afternoon of discovery, empowerment and self-healing. The fireplace glowed warmly as earnest students shared great questions and expanded their awareness of natural, holistic healing energy each of us can direct and enjoy.

The group practiced gentle qigong movements and a relaxing guided meditation before conveying healing energy to one another. Many were surprised at how effectively beginners could promote true relief from pain and tension! Their confidence grew and spirits were uplifted throughout the process. With love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion, we can and do continue to empower and heal ourselves and support the healing of others.

I am grateful to Spirit United for hosting this delightful workshop. Thank you so much!

Above: Rosebrook Park Building, Roseville, Minnesota

HAVE Qi ~ Will Travel!

Wonder Horse Healing delightedly provides private energy healing support, mentoring and coaching sessions, practice group leadership, classes for family, church, staff and volunteer groups, interactive healing presentations, uplifting keynote addresses, corporate and private instruction at your location or ours! Leading classes at a number of private, public and corporate locations in North America. Compassionate, expert residential and commercial space clearing and organization support. Wonder Horse travels widely to share healing energy, empowering instruction and healing support for traveling executives and vacationing families. ‘Have Qi – Will Travel!’

Book Recommendations & Inspiring Quotes:


Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life by Frederic Brussat and Mary Ann Brussat

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom


The ideal of beauty is simplicity and tranquility.” ― Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”  ― Rumi