Deepening Mastery Retreat Comments

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Testimonials

What did you like best about the retreat?

  • Everything held an equal part – a great balance
  • The combination of diverse ways of earth mentoring, yoga, qigong, Ho’oponopono prayer. They all  had a similar thread that ways helpful to opening and understanding how important practice is.  I gravitated to earth mentoring my deep need to connect  and knowing nature is who I am.  All the disciplines are wonderful practice to help strengthen my connection…
  • How the entire group of very different people combined to make something wonderful
  • The goodbye was on a whole other level of love and emotion, I didn’t want to leave!
  • The gazing into the eyes and sharing our love at the very end as part of the closing circle.
  • I can’t pick one component. It was the integration, the synergy of all that was involved,  which made it a wonderful experience for me.

What did you like best about Rhonda?

  • Her excellent guidance of qigong (the best!) and suitable for beginners or experienced, her wonderful enthusiasm and authenticity, her healing.
  • Love how she shows up, I always feel heard, and her presentation is interesting and helpful. She is warm and friendly.
  • The state of friendliness and ease she brings to everything.
    Her passion, honesty, wisdom and laugh.
  • Her genuineness and loving heart and so very willing to share.
    Her Open Heart and Loving energy. I truly loved her Qigong sessions and Ho’oponopono (sharing).