Dear Friends,

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new growth. Is it time for a change? Time to lighten up and laugh a little? It’s all an inside job! When you make a mistake, can you do your best to let go and move on? We are often too hard on ourselves, and each other.  We seem to forget that each time we think of someone as ‘other’, we may be rejecting a part of ourselves and ignoring the fact that we are all inextricably connected and interdependent.  We are so much more alike than we are different! Are you willing to deepen your patience and compassion for yourself and others?  If so, I’d love to hear how you are doing or plan to do so!

There’s still time to take advantage of the BOGO savings on healing sessions!  Call or email by April 15th. Mention BOGO to receive one regularly priced healing, in-studio or by phone, and get one free!  Studio: 50 minutes $120 (for inpiduals, pairs or groups).Phone: 25 minutes $60.

I am enjoying Golden Essence Healing Arts, a beautiful studio space in Eagan, where I hosted  Healing With Words workshops and began seeing clients in February. This space is powerfully and positively healing!  In mid-April, I’ll co-facilitate a structured weekend retreat for working writers and those who wish to dedicate time to write poetry, their life story, for journal or creative writing.  Please join me for the Urban Writer’s Retreat at Blue Harbor Center for the Arts!

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  • Upcoming Events: SFQ Level One; SFQ Level Two; Weekly Practice Group: Urban Writer’s Retreat
  • Recent Events:  Self Healing & Stress Reduction; Healing With Words
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Improving the quality of life through love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

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We each have the capacity to do good things – and to do harm. None of us are exempt. The next time someone does something that you disapprove of, consider looking for the aspects or actions of this person which are also aspects of you. If he is a liar, think back to the last time you lied.  (Yes, those white’ lies count.)  If she was hurtful, consider when you were last hurtful. You get the idea…we all hold every potential, and perhaps many words or actions we regret.

We learn that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Have you noticed? To some degree, we all live in glass houses.  Building compassion for the human condition and human experience is always a good idea. Perhaps if we can change (purify) our hearts with compassion and change (upgrade) our characters through love, we can and will BE the change we wish to see.

As you navigate the richness and challenges of life, please remember to give yourself compassion. As human beings, we each and all deserve compassion.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is not complete.’  — Jack Kornfield

Upcoming Events

LEVEL ONE SFQ CLASS                                                         SAUK CENTRE

Spring Forest Qigong for Health: No pre-requisite.  April 8th.
For details, click on the blue link below!

LEVEL TWO SFQ CLASS SERIES                                         NE MINNEAPOLIS

Develop Your Healing Energy: Pre-requisite: Level One workshop or home study. Mondays in April and May.  For details, click on the blue link below!

URBAN WRITER’S WEEKEND RETREAT                               SAINT PAUL

Co-facilitated by Tony Signorelli and Master Healer Rhonda Battisto. Gather for 18 dedicated writing hours over a structured weekend. Enjoy the supportive energy of your facilitators, other writers – and the food and sustenance needed to stay focused. April 13-15th.  For details, click on the blue link below!


We provide private energy healing mentoring, will lead your private practice group, family, church, staff or volunteer classes, healing Spring Forest Qigong interactive presentations or private instruction at your location or ours!  Currently teaching classes at a number of private, public and corporate locations in North America. Wonder Horse travels widely to share energy, healing and empowering instruction!  Wonder Horse would love to serve your group this year! Contact Rhonda for more information.

FREE SFQ PRACTICE GROUP                                                       WOODBURY 

Every Wednesday evening, coordinated/led by Rhonda Battisto and Michelle Huber
Healing services available in Woodbury studio, before and after practice. Contact Rhonda to schedule!

SFQ Level One Workshop – Sauk Centre – April 8
SFQ Level Two Workshop Series – NE Mpls – April/May Mondays
Urban Writer’s Weekend Retreat – April 13-15
SFQ Classes – NE Minneapolis – 2nd & 4th Mondays
SFQ Practice Group – Woodbury – Every Wednesday


As I work in our community providing healing and instruction, I hear common themes from friends, clients, and students. In recent times, I often hear: “I don’t sleep  very well. ” or “I don’t feel rested when I wake up.” and similar statements.

If getting quality, restorative sleep is one of your concerns, you may wish to try a simple meditation I learned from Master Chunyi Lin years ago, which he called ‘Qigong Sleep Meditation’. This beautiful 2-step practice can be a beneficial addition to your bedtime routine.

1: Before falling asleep, read this (or say it from memory):  “I’m going to sleep in qigong meditation and awaken five minutes before my alarm sounds. I will be at ease, totally refreshed and have more than enough energy to make it through the day and evening.”

2: Imagine that you are the moon and drift off.

You can modify this to suit your specific needs.  Good, better, best!  If you don’t use an alarm, leave that out! I am interested in hearing from you!  Try it for a week or two and let me know if you notice some differences!

Recent Events

Self-Healing & Stress Reduction:  On February 3rd over 100 women gathered at St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis to enjoy 2-hours of  interactive practices for self-healing and stress reduction in these troubling times. In addition to powerful forgiveness and self-healing practices, participants received a sneak peak at the Healing With Words workshop series when they were guided to write a love letter to the universe. This new concept opened up the pure potential for more complete healing and satisfaction with life!  Many stories emerged from this session.  Spirits were lifted, pain was relieved and smiles multiplied!

Healing With Words:  On five Sundays in February and March, workshop participants explored the past, emotions, and the value of people and life experiences. Great new perspectives, bright self-discovery and deep healing were found through brief meditations, discussion and reflective writing guided by Rhonda. Our beautiful, healing space supported immediate trust, connection, reflection and healing. Power was reclaimed, value (from even our most challenging times) was gleaned, and stunning silver linings were ‘mined’. Amazing outcomes for the participants in this series inspires me to offer it again soon!

Two happy participants expressed their appreciation with the following online reviews:

“I have attended several retreats, participated in support groups, and benefited from various natural treatments over the years. I am so happy to have found Wonder Horse! Rhonda is a gifted healer and teacher who is making an amazing difference in my life. I have attended (her) SFQ practice group, participated in workshops, retreats, and most recently her writing workshop. All of these experiences have been transformative. Today I was blessed with the opportunity to have a private healing session with Rhonda. I experienced powerful healing, including physical and emotional/spiritual. I am energized and pain free! I highly recommend Wonder Horse for healing and enrichment!”

“Rhonda is a true teacher. She is great at asking questions that help to reveal one’s self to one’s own self!”

Recommended Reading

BOOK: The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living by Frank Ostaseski

BOOK:  Love Warrior: A Memoir by Glennon Doyle

QUOTE:   “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty..” — Gandhi