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With brilliantly colored falling leaves and chilly nights there’s plenty of anticipation for autumn fun – and hints of the season ahead. I hope you are enjoying the bounty of the harvest and a gentle change of seasons.

Back by popular demand, we are offering another Create Confident Communication half-day masterclass! All of our events are designed to heal and empower you, and make life better for all.  Reserve your place at this empowering event today!
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  •     Healing Fridays Promotion: 30% off of healing sessions in Woodbury
  •     Bliss Report: Our August retreat was FABULOUS!!
  •     The Art of Bliss 2017 will be held on August 11-14, 2017   ** Save the Date **
  •     Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Classes & Practice Group
  •     Good Reads: Book recommendations
  •     Have Qi Will Travel ~ Private instruction and presentations available!

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Positively Healing, Rhonda Battisto
Owner, Wonder Horse, LLC
Improving the quality of life through love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

Create Confident Communication Masterclass

Saturday, December 3, 2016 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Aslan Institute
Master Teachers:  Rhonda Battisto, Laura Adrian, David Nelson

Speaking is a powerful avenue of expression.  It’s how we connect our thoughts, feelings, and values to the outside world. When we are in alignment with our speech we feel a deep sense of authenticity and freedom. When something is off balance, emotions and thoughts can effect the physical body and spirit. Many of us have challenges that prevent us from communicating our authentic truth to others. In this masterclass we connect deeply to our thoughts and feelings around communication so that you can reshape how communication works for you in your life. You’ll learn skills and techniques that you can bring into practice and shift your communication patterns for life. No experience necessary.

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Events & Announcements

    1/2-day retreat December 3, 2017 1-5:00 p.m. Three unique and powerful perspectives with practical ways to heal and balance all aspects of the throat and promote confident, authentic communication!
  • HEALING STUDIO NOW OPEN                              WOODBURY, MN
    Peace of Mind Education Center and Wonder Horse, LLC are partnering to bring WELL BEING to Woodbury! Master Healer and Certified Instructor Rhonda Battisto is dedicated to helping others to heal pain/stress and even prevent illness, so life can be enjoyed more fully!  Energy healing sessions promote increased relaxation, reduction or elimination of pain/tension and accelerated recovery from illness and injury.  30% off studio special!!  (Cannot be combined with other offers.)  By appointment; reserve your time and reap the benefits now! 9025 Tamarack Road
  • FREE PRACTICE GROUP                                     WOODBURY, MN
    Join our SFQ Practice Group each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Peace of Mind Education Center, 9025 Tamarack Road in the library.  Ring bell for entry.
  • MONDAY CLASSES!                                            NE MINNEAPOLIS
    Adults of all ages are invited to attend our SFQ classes on 2nd & 4th Mondays monthly. Holistic Gateway Center for the Healing Arts 2nd floor walkup studio
  • THE ART OF BLISS 2017                                             WALKER, MN
    Long weekend women’s retreat guided by Rhonda Battisto & Tammy Hulke.
    SAVE THE DATES!!   Friday, August 11 – Monday, August 14, 2017.

Bliss Report

As our guests drove over the charming covered bridge to enter Camp Bliss, they could feel the energy of the intentions that Tammy and Rhonda set for the retreat in a springtime ceremony. Throughout the weekend, guests opened hearts and minds to one another and to new concepts introduced which promote health and more blissful living.  Morning yoga taught by Becca Baer started each day with discovery, depth, and the beauty of transformation. Meals lovingly prepared by Marlys McGarvey were each more delicious than the last. Amazing, healthful fare!

Camp Bliss was a perfect setting for us to expand our minds and open our hearts to a powerful community of people who wish to live well and enjoy more bliss!  Friendships formed and deepened through shared experiences and intentions fulfilled for one and all!

A theme of compassion and understanding emerged during the opening circle; each of us is healing from some challenge – no matter how strong, beautiful, brilliant, happy, or confident we are!  This theme expanded in power and deepened our personal understanding through experiences shared. Saturday’s healing ceremonies, circles and fire will be long remembered and valued for their transformational power.  The Qigong, forgiveness and self-care practices learned have been shared with friends and colleagues.  The goodness keeps expanding!

We didn’t catch everyone before departure for a group photo, but we appreciate everyone who was there to share their energy for the benefit of all! Gorgeous retreat photographs by can be seen on the Wonder Horse, LLC Facebook page. Click on the covered bridge photo to see them. Please follow and ‘like us’ on Facebook! 

SAVE THE DATE!  Please mark your calendar for next
Extended Weekend Art of Bliss Retreat ~ August 11-14, 2017

Weekly Qigong Practice Group

Join us in each Wednesday evening to balance and build your energy!
Would you like to have more energy?   Do you wish to breathe easier?              

Do you want to feel better and heal faster?   Read on! 

Master Healer Rhonda Battisto leads a weekly practice group which is free and open to the public. Please join us in the practice of guided gentle healing movements and guided meditation to promote and enjoy accelerated healing, deepening peace, and increased vitality!  Participants report positive effects which include feeling more calm, peaceful, happy, with more energy, less pain or tension, and more!  No previous experience is necessary.

Qigong Classes 2nd & 4th Mondays in Minneapolis

Empower yourself and learn how to use the power of your breathing, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body.  Qigong, an ancient Eastern practice which promotes natural, holistic healing, has been simplified and made available for modern times! With easy, gentle movements, you will balance your energy; reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy better mental focus, strength and vitality.
 No Previous experience (or equipment) needed
 Dress comfortably; come as you are

Books I find valuable include:

How to See YOURSELF As You Really Are
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The Power of NOW
by Eckhart Tolle

Have Qi – Will Travel!

We provide private energy healing mentoring, lead your private practice group, family, staff or volunteer classes, informative, interactive Spring Forest Qigong presentations or private instruction at your location or ours!
Currently teaching classes at a number of private and corporate locations in North America. Wonder Horse travels widely to share energy, healing and empowering instruction!  Can we help you or your group today?