Dear Friends,

Through every shift and life challenge we face, it is vital to keep our hearts and minds open – especially in these, our current times. Our attention may often be drawn to things we do not like or want; challenges, concerns, or fears.  It is important that we soon choose to re-focus on what we, in fact, do want to receive and share; acceptance, encouragement, connection and a robustly healthy community.  We all crave these things and can co-create the solutions we seek when we direct our energy on purpose.

Radiating love without attachment to outcome can help us to know ourselves, our nature – and the world in a deeper way. Setbacks happen – life happens! – with a flow of energy which can be mystifying. Through it all, the power of love is what drives us to do good,  and do well, in the world, whatever is happening around us.

Have you reached out to connect with someone who sees things differently than you?  Someone raised differently, or who looks very different from you? We can learn so much by simply asking questions and listening without an agenda, with an open heart.

In this newsletter:

  • Connecting with your Inner Healer Workshop series May 20 & June 10
  • The Art of Bliss 2017 Women’s Retreat August 11-14, 2017 approaches!
    (Click on the photo below to see a beautiful video of last year’s event!)
  • Article: Gratitude is a Powerful Healer!
  • Healing Fridays Promotion: 30% off of healing sessions in Woodbury!
  • Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) Classes & Practice Group
  • Good Reads: Book recommendations
  • Have Qi Will Travel ~ Private instruction and presentations available!

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Positively Healing, Rhonda Battisto
Owner, Wonder Horse, LLC
Improving the quality of life through love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion.