Hello Sunshine!

As the trees and plants bloom in perfect time, our lives unfold in a myriad of unexpected ways. It has always been true that life is full of surprises. It is wise to get and stay grounded in goodness, in every way we can. Whenever you find yourself feeling anxious or angry, perhaps waiting for something/someone (again!), try taking five slow, gentle, deep breaths, dropping your shoulders as you exhale. Stay calm and try to be at least 10% kinder than you want to be.

Maya Angelou said: “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” There are so many ways to share goodness! Consider five ways that people in your life have lifted you up, helped or inspired you. Express your appreciation to them. Then, pay it forward. Share your heart. Call someone you haven’t been in touch with lately. Let them know they have a place in your heart. Write a note or card to someone who is alone. Create some beauty and share it in whatever way you are guided. It is uplifting to have allies, and to be one, too.

Be your own ally. Take that Epsom salt bath you promised yourself. Look for the silver linings in every cloud. Remember your strengths and ways you survived tough emotions and other challenges. Make a conscious choice to be as resilient as you can be. Flip your script from despair to determination! Choosing to demonstrate resilience boosts confidence levels greatly. Listen to enlivening music. Study with spiritual masters. Journal about gratitude for great and small experiences, people, and things. (I write between three and fifty-seven things I’m grateful for every day. A focus on gratitude attracts more goodness to us!) Meditate on beauty, nature, and the vibration of life itself. Smile!

Like the plants, you are blossoming in perfect time. Be kind to yourself, especially when you falter. Be the kind friend and supporter to yourself that you need. Choosing kindness in this wild and precious life sets a great example for the children who, as we know, are listening. Undeniably interdependent, we are walking each other home – from womb to tomb, or physical manifestation to pure spirit. Ground yourself in kindness, cultivate compassion, and share your love now.

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Energy Healing

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Enjoy energy healing with empowering conversation via Zoom meeting (online video) or telephone. Flexible scheduling available to suit your needs. Ideally, clients meditate or rest for a while after the session.

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Qigong for Your Health

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Qigong For Your Health workshops help you to learn to use the power of your breath, mind and simple movements to enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body. This ancient Eastern practice promotes natural, holistic healing. With easy, gentle movements, you can balance your personal energy to reduce stress, relieve pain, heal faster, and enjoy greater vitality, mental focus, strength, resilience. (Movements can be done sitting, standing or lying down.)

Enjoy a check-in question, brief lecture on qigong healing concepts, Q&A, gentle healing movements and guided meditation. In this series, you will receive a foundation for your consistent qigong self-healing practice with knowledge, experience and growth, guided by the enthusiasm and expertise of qigong master healer and teacher, Rhonda Battisto. A GREAT way to begin each week!

10:30 am – Noon Every Monday (except Memorial Day & Labor Day Holidays)

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Getting Grounded

As children, we may have been told (and may or may not have believed) that we are being grounded because we were bad, yet it is highly likely that in fact we only said or did something that is deemed bad. Many children are not taught this fine distinction. You are naughty vs. your behavior is naughty. Another interpretation of being or getting grounded? Being held – perhaps by an authority figure – who is trying to help us establish safety (or healthy roots) and good citizenship in the family and community. Relatives, teachers, mentors and friends can have a very grounding influence.

     An airplane is most often grounded to ensure public safety. School teachers may report to parents of calm, rational or ‘easy’ students that ‘Peter’ or ‘Marie’ is so grounded, and a joy to have in class. Self-grounded kids don’t generally disrupt the class outrageously or breach the boundaries of the kind social contract which we all learn to one degree or another. To be identified as grounded is often a compliment, especially when the recipient has acquired a certain level of status or fame. 

    In the realm of leadership (and perhaps electricity) being grounded affords confidence that the ‘powerful one’ won’t blow up and scorch those being led and served…they will do their job and ‘stay real’, not letting the power go to their heads or turn into a problem bigger than the issue they are supposed to resolve. That third prong on a three-pronged plug provides an alternate pathway for electricity in the event of a fault. You defeat the safety feature if you cut the third prong off a plug. It is important to ground a jumper cable before charging a car or truck battery, to return current to the minus terminal of the battery and prevent a potential explosion. Grounding is most often about keeping everyone and everything in their most useful, functional, safe, and effective role, keeping an eye on safety with an eagle’s view of the well-being of the individuals and family or commonwealth. Nobody’s safety is served when a bully holds someone down so they appear weak or defeated.  

     Be kind to yourself, and gentle in your practice. In meditation, it is important to sit quietly and still to realize the benefits of consciously choosing to connect with the energy vibration, mysterious intelligence, and perfect pace of creation itself. Invisible energy creates immense worlds and every tiny detail within them – and within you.  Meditation is grounding and calming. Consistent daily practice is far more beneficial than erratic on-again-off-again practice. Be still and know. If you are just beginning, gradually work up to 30 minutes a day. If you are in the midst of a health or other crisis, more is better.

Barred Owl

HAVE Qi ~ Will Travel!

Wonder Horse Healing delightedly provides private energy healing support, mentoring and coaching sessions, practice group leadership, classes for family, church, staff and volunteer groups, interactive healing presentations, uplifting keynote addresses, corporate and private instruction at your location or ours! Enthusiastic holistic healing and self-empowerment in private, public and corporate locations in North America. Compassionate, expert residential and commercial space clearing and organization support. Wonder Horse travels widely to convey healing energy, empowering instruction and healing support for traveling executives and vacationing families. ‘Have Qi – Will Travel!’

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Book Recommendations & Inspiring Quotes:


Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic’s Guide to Growth and Fulfillment by Dave Hollis

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert


“Love and Kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”    Barbara De Angelis

“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Mark Twain